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You can search our stock on available parts we have for retail. This list is for servicers and does not include common parts we may have in stock please call us if you do not see what your looking for. (972)233-6600.


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Be sure to study the Installation Instructions closely before submitting any questions to the support group. Also make sure that you frequently check the 'Bug Fixes' section of the BBS just incase any issues arise. This version has been in beta release for 3-4 months though and I don't expect that there will be any major issues with the cart.
After those options if you still have a problem you can check out either our Mailing List or Support Forum to get FREE support from myself and other uses of the script. Both the mailing list and the support forum have been up and running for MANY years so please do a search to see if your question has already been posted and answered.
If you can not get support for a problem through one of those 2 sources then that usually means that you are asking for help with something that requires custom coding to do. In this case you can always contact me and I will be happy to give you a quote for any custom programming that you need.
For a small one time fee you can have access to a large number of custom modifications that we have written for this script. Before you spend too much time and effort making any modifications to the script you may want to check out the ones that we have already done. You will probably find that it is well worth the small price for the amount of time and effort it will save you.
The members area is also what supports this project! So if you appreciate all of the hard work put into this script and want to continue getting updates, free support,  and new features added to the cart then please sign up as a member to help keep this project rolling.
The default cart comes with only Offline processing which is used if you have a credit card machine on site and you want to manually run through credit cards. We also offer several other FREE gateways that can be used with the cart and they can be found HERE! There are also several additional gateways that are currently offered to members only and can be found in the members area of the site.
Thank you,
Larry Wagar
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